Addicts Premium Membership
Addicts Sponsorship is our premium membership program. It grants you access to extra features to improve your Addicts Group experience and contribute to our Addicts community.

Premium Membership is limited to 300 seats. We are now accepting 50 new Premium Members. Thanks! 

Premium member benefits

More Bumps
Your listing / ISO post on all our 33 groups will be bumped to the top by the admins on a daily basis. This helps brings attention to your older posts as our groups have thousands of posts shared on a daily basis.
In Addition, you will be able to bump your post 1 more time. (Regular members can bump 4 x a day, you get 6 bumps every day (+1 from admins, +1 from you)

'Expert' Badge 
You will gain 'Expert' badge on all our 33 Facebook groups.

Advertise your business
You can advertise your business or social media profiles (Instagram, Youtube, Facebook page, etc) once a month (1 group per month). You can also advertise your listings in our groups via links/collages. (Not allowed for regular members)

Best use out of Reetzy 
Your listing on Reetzy App, our official mobile app, (coming soon) will automatically be advertised on the group

More Reach, Faster Sale
Your listings will be advertised on our Facebook Page (for Louis Vuitton & Chanel items) and/or Instagram Page (LV, Chanel, Tiffany & Co., LV (2), Chanel (2), Hermes, YSL, Dior, Christian Louboutin) Click on each channel above to see how you will be featured!

Premium Member Title
You can include [Premium Member] title on all your posts

Verified Premium Seller Sticker
You get a sticker on our official website (on your item page and seller page) where all our members can buy, sell, and chat about luxury fashion

Exclusive Club Access
You get access to our exclusive community for all Premium Members where you can engage with other premium members to share tips, information, and find businesses opportunities with each other. Also, admins use this channel to communicate directly with our Premium Members. (special deals, issues on our groups, etc)

Priority Admin Support
You get priority support from the admin team. Simply enter [Premium Member] in the first few words of your Facebook message to admins and we can support you.

Last but not least:
- First Peek. We occasionally invite Premium Members to look & try out new benefits and features on Reetzy as well as Addicts community.
- Hall of Proud Sponsors on our website. As thanks for supporting Addicts community. Click here to see our proud Sponsors.
- More to come.  We have many more ideas for premium features, and will add to this list in the future.

* This sponsorship will be applied to all 33 of our sister groups with 800,000+ members.
* You can choose to remain anonymous. Simply let us know by saying so on the Paypal checkout page or contact us!
* All the money from Sponsorship goes to advertising your posts, promoting our groups,  making Reetzy (our official App) service available, and improving your Addicts Group experience.


You can make Addicts Community better

Premium Membership is $29.99 / month, or $239.99 / year